Bylaws Art. 12 – Director of Religious Education

  1. A Director of Religious Education may at any time be appointed as provided in Section A.2.h. of Article X of these By-Laws. A vote of the majority of the Church members present and voting at a legal congregational meeting shall be required for his or her dismissal prior to the normal expiration of his or her term.
  2. The Director shall be ex-officio member of the Religious Education Committee but shall be entitled to vote at committee meetings only in the event of a tie.
  3. The Director shall present an annual report in writing containing a general statement of the condition of the Church school and other religious education activities and enterprises, at the annual meeting.
  4. The Director shall be the general administrator of all the religious education activities and enterprises of the Church, and shall carry out the directives and policies laid down by the Religious Education Committee. Final authority in matters of policy shall rest with said Committee.
  5. The Director must have an understanding of Unitarian Universalist religious and educational philosophy, and shall be familiar with our Church school and its specific aims.
  6. The Director shall oversee the establishment of the Church school curriculum and of worship services for the children; shall organize a training program for teachers; shall supervise parent contacts and classes; shall coordinate the religious education efforts of the Church for children and adults; and shall advise the Religious Education Committee on matters of religious and educational theory.
  7. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Director of Religious Education, the duties of said office shall be performed by the Religious Education Committee.