We get many requests for room rentals and we’re proud to share our beautiful Georgian style building with others. Here’s our rate listing:

Congregational use:

The building is available for use by our members for church-sponsored activities, which include use by special interest groups that are recognized as affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pittsfield. No donation will be requested for such use, and it will have the highest priority.

Outside non-profit use:

Subject to approval by the Executive Committee, groups that are not affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pittsfield and who wish to use the building for profit-making activities; or individuals – whether members or non-members – who wish to use the building for profit; may do so if they agree to building use fees.

Individual personal use:

Weddings and memorial services shall be free for members. Members will be asked to pay one-half of the fee for special events such as birthday parties, etc. Non-members will be requested to pay full fee for use of the building.



Prices are quoted for rental up to four hours. If you will be using 2 or more spaces there is a package price. Security deposits will be returned if building use guidelines are followed. Janitorial fee is requested ahead and paid outright with no return policy, allowing the renter to not have to do the cleanup.

Please contact the Administrator at (413) 443-7903, via email or through this form.

Rate listed is for up to 4 hours.


For Nonmembers


For Outside Non-profits

Base rate

Each additional hr









Social Hall








Lounge (upstairs)




Security Deposit



Janitorial fee