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You Are Worthy

Reverend Rich Hayes

Thoreau, Trees and Climate Change

Carol Moak, Service Associate

Heart & Soil Collective

Kristen Tool, owner-operator of, a nonprofit in Lanesborough, Massachusetts working to connect people to the land where their food grows, making healthy foods and hands-on nature experiences accessible to all

Introduced by Melissa Cairns

Considerations on Wildfires and Forgiveness

Simon Cole, Lay leader

Read by Sheila McKenna in Simon’s family COVID illness

Detaching From Attachments

Reverend Rich Hayes

Arts as a Way of Knowing

Dr. Lisa Donovan, Professor of Arts Management MCLA

Loyalty to Life

Speaker: Sandra Boston

Guest Musician: Annie Hassett

Into the Light

Sheila McKenna, lay leader

Perfection’s Never Been Easy

Bob Shepherd, lay leader

Embracing Love

Reverend Carol Killian

It’s Time to Speak of Spring

Simon Cole, lay leader

The Beautiful Not-Yet…

Reverend Rich Hayes

Seeking a True Light in the House of Smoke and Mirrors

Simon Cole, lay leader

A Question of Love

Reverend Rich Hayes

Portrait of St. Brigid

Imbolc/St Brigid’s Day: Blessings for the Home

Kim Rivers, Congregation President & Lay Leader

The Promise of All Lives Matter

Melissa Cairns, lay leader

A Birch Tree in Winter

Simon Cole, lay leader

The Power of YES

Reverend Rich Hayes

Oh Wow, Hey — It’s Christmas Again

Simon Cole, lay leader

Seeing Miracles

Reverend Rich Hayes

Facing (and Surviving) the Digital Age

Dr. Fan Yang, Associate Professor of Communications, University at Albany, NY

Introduced by Sheila McKenna

This IS the Meditation

Simon Cole, lay leader

Practicing Gratitude (even when you’re not grateful …especially when you’re not!)

Reverend Rich Hayes

Music and the Hidden Spaces Within Us

Prof. Karl Paulnack, Ithaca College
Read by Sheila McKenna, Service Leader

Let’s Open a Window and Let Some Fresh Air In

Charlotte Nuessle, Author and holistic counselor
Charlotte integrates body-based and mindfulness practices to reshape our nervous system and transformational lifestyle