Bylaws Art. 4 – Membership

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  1. Any person in sympathy with the purposes of the Church, who is at least 14 years of age, and whose name shall be received by the Minister or the Membership Committee may become a Member of the Church by signing the Membership Book. It is specifically understood that membership is open to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, or national origin.

  2. The status of Junior Membership is available to any young person under 14 years of age who is in sympathy with the purposes of the Church and who has the consent of a legal guardian.

    In unusual circumstances exceptions to participation in the junior membership class may be made by the Membership Chair, who shall be the judge of eligibility for Junior Membership status.

    Qualified individuals become Junior Members by signing the Membership Book. Junior Members shall have all privileges accorded to members except the rights of voting at business meetings. Upon attainment of age 14, Junior Members shall automatically become members.

  3. Active and Inactive Members

    1.   Active Members are those Members who have attended Sunday Services, made a financial contribution of record, OR otherwise participated in the life of the Church in the twelve months immediately preceding the date the determination is needed. The determination of Active Member status, when in question, will be made by the Membership Committee, in consultation with the Collector or Canvass Committee, if necessary, subject to the following:

    a.    Exceptions to the Active Member requirements may be made for those unable to participate because of health or disability, or who reside temporarily outside of the community.

    b.    Members removed from Active status will be designated as Inactive Members, to be so notified by letter from the Membership Committee. The letter will contain the reminder that active membership can be re-attained at any time by meeting one or more of the stated requirements.

  4. The right to vote at business meetings of the Church shall be restricted to Active Members.

  5. Any member wishing to do so may withdraw to Inactive status or resign from the Church by written notification to the Minister, the President or the chair of the Membership Committee.