Leader’s Order of Service

Thank you for acting as leader for an upcoming service. We ask that you use our standard form below to submit your information to the Administrator. It contains all of the regular and optional components of our  Sunday service, which lasts for an hour or a little more. For additional instructions or to change sequence, please use the Comment Box.

Field labels in boldface type indicate required items.

Click on the Question Mark icon if you need additional information about an item.

The more information you can provide (and the earlier), the better your needs can be met for a successful presentation. Note that text boxes will expand as needed. Some fields have been filled in with standard entries; they may be changed as needed by overtyping.

Our Administrator is in the office for a limited time each week. In order to assure printing of the Order of Service, you need to submit this form by Thursday at noon the week of the service. Of course, the earlier, the better!