Upcoming kickoff information session on Tuesday, February 12, 1 p.m., at the Berkshire Athenaeum auditorium.

The goal of the committee is to facilitate the community helping neighbors who have endured the destruction of a home due to flood or fire to stay in the community and rebuild their lives. Its primary vehicles for doing this are material assistance (replacement household supplies) and knowledgeable support (‘navigation’) in healing and moving forward. But the big picture is that this project is about strengthening the bonds of community in Pittsfield and fostering compassionate connection and love among us. With success, perhaps this can become a model for other communities around the county, state and beyond.

PACC has been instrumental in supporting this unique and groundbreaking program – I am especially grateful to Ralph for his personal participation (he made the flyers you see above) and to Joel and Sheila for recruiting two of their wonderful church volunteers to the project. The committee, to which about 20 organizations, congregations and agencies have devoted time and energy thus far, has constituted under the umbrella of the Christian Center.