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Portrait of Scott Cooper

The Musical Conduction of the Spirit

The late Scott Cooper, Philosospher, Poet, Artist

We repost this archival recording of his address.

My Little Green Octopus

Simon Cole, read by Kim Rivers via Zoom

Wandering Among the Seven Principles

Simon Cole via Zoom

Spiraling Out of Control

Simon Cole via Zoom

The Who of You

Reverend Rich Hayes via Zoom

Rite of Spring

Simon Cole via Zoom

Pandemic Blues

Simon Cole via Zoom

Big Love

Reverend Rich Hayes via Zoom



Portrait of St. Brigid

Imbroc: Promise of Spring

Kim Rivers via Zoom

Imbolc for the ancient Celts and now more modern pagans, is a celebration of the end of winter and the impending light half of the year. The hardest part of the year is over. The darkest time, acknowledged at Winter Solstice is shifting and the days are noticeably longer. Even though still winter, the premise of Spring is felt.


Simon Cole via Zoom

In the Now

Reverend Rich Hayes via Zoom

Light and Dark

Reverend Rich Hayes via Zoom

Order, DisOrder, ReOrder

Reverend Rich Hayes via Zoom

Do We Want Medicare for All?

Dr. Michael Kaplan, Family Practice Physician and longtime activist for universal health care. Introduction by Bonnie Smith. PowerPoint file is downloadable to accompany Michael’s presentation.

Living Legacy Pilgrimage: A Trip into the South

Barbara Dean with Graham Dean. Introduction by Kelley O’Toole.

George, Fred, Kurt and Me

Dr. Jason McCandless, Superintendent of Schools, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Introduction by Bonnie Smith.

george pinney portrait

Spiritual Motifs in “West Side Story”

George Pinney, Broadway choreographer & director. Introduction by Bonnie Smith


Reverend Rich Hayes

Keeping King’s Dream Alive

Being a Beloved Community – Vicky Smith

NAACP in the Berkshires

Leah Reed, Vice President Berkshire County Chapter

Rev. Barbara Haugen portrait

Not Without Shadow

Reverend Barbara M. Haugen, Minister Emeritus
Sermon read by Bonnie Smith

Ukraines’s Challenge for Survival and Social Justice

Dr. Nataliia Voloveska Ireland

Christmas Stories

Kevin O’Hara

Author, The Donkey Pilgrim

On the Road

Bonnie Smith, congregation member


Reverend Barbara M. Haugen, Minister Emeritus
Sermon read by Bob Shepherd

Working in the Hispanic Community

Ramiro Guerrero, MICAH Awardee

Do Walls Work?

Reverend Linda Hobby

Finding Peace

Reverend Carol Killian

The Culture and Geopolitics of Ukraine

Dr. Nataliia Volloveska Ireland

Our Honduras Project Today

Eddie O’Toole, our unofficial missionary

Welcoming Change

Reverend Rich Hayes