Letter from Carol Moak, UUCP Board President

Transformation.  Renewal.  Community.  Energy.  These are some of the concepts that have come out of the board meetings that were held over the summer to discuss our church’s future.  Although we recognize that we have problems regarding having enough money and having a dwindling membership (the same issues that most churches have), we feel committed to finding ways to revitalize our church community.  We believe in our 7 Principles, and we believe that when we come together each week, we become a part of a greater whole.

We meet each Sunday to share a spiritual – and often educational – experience.  We celebrate each other’s joys, and support each other in our sorrows.  We become a family that cares, loves, and yes, sometimes argues.  And that’s okay.  It’s better to disagree and to talk things out than to keep a perceived hurt inside and allow it to fester.

On that note, we plan to have a Congregational Meeting in late September or early October to discuss our challenges as a community, and to seek ways of transforming ourselves into a vital and re-energized family.  I hope that we will approach our issues with an attitude of creativity, positivity, and love.  Even when we disagree – and we will – we must remember that we are all working toward the same goal, and that we respect and care about each other.

Until then, Peace and Love, Carol