UU Wireless Connection


The connection site is  “UUPittsfield” on your device’s Wi-Fi list. You’ll need to know the case-sensitive password. which is 175Ballou.  Note the capital “B”.

You’ve probably realized that the number 175 is our Wendell Avenue address, but if you’re new to the congregation, you may be wondering who Ballou is. No, not “Wally Ballew, the award-winning reporter” on the Bob and Ray show.

Hosea Ballou (April 30, 1771-June 7, 1852) was the most influential of the preachers in the second generation of the Universalist movement. His anti-Calvinist outlook is really worth reading about at

Hosea did not have reliable Wi-Fi Internet service, but we do. And we can thank my son Eric for making it happen, along with keeping our computer and website alive and kicking.

Bob Shepherd