President’s Letter

Another season of regular Sunday services is winding down, but we’re still going strong!  We are looking forward to our Tag Sale on June 9th – our first after taking a few years off.  So many people have told us that they missed it; we had to bring it back!

I want to thank everyone who is continuing on as a Board of Trustees member, and welcome back to those who are returning!  We’ve done some “shuffling around” of positions – it’s always a good thing to bring a fresh perspective to a job.  Myself, I’m still in the same place, but hopefully have learned a bit from the past year, and will continue to be inspired by the amazing efforts of everyone else on our team.  I am including below a list of our new Board of Trustees and their positions.

Speaking of inspiration, our Annual Meeting and a meeting with Karen Bellavance-Grace, who is a Small Congregations representative from the UUA, were both inspiring.  It was wonderful to have so many thoughtful, involved members at both meetings.  During the Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees was directed by the congregation as a whole to spend the summer examining our future viability, and to plan a special congregational meeting as soon as possible to discuss our findings.  During the meeting with Karen, many concerns, possible solutions, and new ideas were discussed.  It was a great way to begin thinking outside of the box to find answers to our worries about our small size and dwindling money.  It’s also reassuring, in a way, to know that many other UU congregations are in the same boat.  It’s not just us, and we can draw on the ideas and knowledge of others.

I continue to have faith that our belief in our Seven Principles is a source of strength that will hold us together and will enable us to continue to be a force for good in the wider world.

Together we can do anything!


Carol Moak, UUCP Board President