Bylaws Art. 8 – Officers


A. The officers of the Church shall be President, Vice President, Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector, all of whom shall be elected at each annual meeting from among the active members of the Church for a term of one year commencing on June 1 of the current calendar year. Officers elect shall have the right to attend (without voting) any meetings of outgoing officers between the annual meeting and June 1st. Officers shall serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office, except that the Treasurer may serve up to six consecutive one-year terms in that office.

B. Any officer may be removed from office by majority vote of a quorum at any legal congregational meeting.

C. Duties

1. President

a. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee. In his or her absence from such a meeting, the Vice President shall preside, or in the absence of the Vice President, that member shall preside who shall be appointed by the meeting.

b. The President shall be the executive of the Church.

c. The President shall appoint a Moderator to preside at every congregational meeting.

d. The President shall appoint chairpersons of all Standing Committees except those who are elected in accordance with Article IX.A.1. Those appointments of Standing Committee chairpersons which are made by the President are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

e. The President shall ensure that an audit of the congregational accounts is conducted at least once every three years.

2. Vice President

Unless otherwise specified in these by-laws or by vote of the Executive Committee, in the absence of the President the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.

3. Clerk

a. It shall be the duty of the Clerk to keep a record of the meetings of the Church and of the Executive Committee. In his or her absence from such a meeting, that member shall serve as temporary clerk who shall be appointed by the meeting.

b. The Clerk shall receive and secure an accurate record of the Church Membership, births, dedications of children, marriages, deaths, and date of withdrawal from membership by death, resignation, or otherwise.

c. Prior to every annual meeting or special meeting of the Church, in consultation with the Minister and the Collector, the Clerk shall be provided with an up-to-date list of Active Members by the Membership Committee. This list shall be conclusive for all purposes of the Church.

d. To the Clerk shall be committed the custody of the papers, records and corporate seal, if any, of the Church.

4. Treasurer

a. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to record all moneys received from the Collector.

b. The Treasurer shall pay all bills deemed by him or her to be in order and within the current budget of the Church, unless otherwise directed by the Executive Committee or the congregation.

c. The Treasurer shall keep full accounts of all moneys received and disbursed by him or her, and shall be ready at all times to open such accounts to the inspection of the Executive Committee and the Church.

d. The Treasurer shall submit a report at every monthly meeting of the Executive Committee and at each annual meeting of the Church, and when so requested at any meeting of the Church.

e. The Treasurer shall submit to the full congregation at the annual meeting a full statement in writing of the congregational accounts for the preceding fiscal year.

f. The Treasurer shall submit the budget at the annual meeting on behalf of the Executive Committee.

5. Collector

a. It shall be the duty of the Collector to collect and deposit all moneys, including plate offerings, and to submit to the Treasurer an accounting thereof.

b. Periodic written statements, including one in January, shall be sent to all pledgors as to the current status of their respective pledges.