Leader’s Order of Service

Thank you for acting as leader for an upcoming service. We ask that you use our standard form below to submit your information to the Administrator. It contains all of the regular and optional components of our  Sunday service, which lasts for an hour or a little more. For additional instructions or to change sequence, please use the Comment Box.

Field labels in boldface type indicate required items.

Click on the Question Mark icon if you need additional information about an item.

The more information you can provide (and the earlier), the better your needs can be met for a successful presentation. Note that text boxes will expand as needed. Some fields have been filled in with standard entries; they may be changed as needed by overtyping.

Our Administrator is in the office for a limited time each week. In order to assure printing of the Order of Service, you need to submit this form by Thursday at noon the week of the service. Of course, the earlier, the better!

Special comments to Administrator ?
A message to Administrator about forthcoming items, questions you may have, special words for printing in bulletin, etc.
Date of service
You may use any format for the date.
Leader's Name
Lay Leader's email address
Guest Presenter (with short bio if available)
Hymns will be chosen as follows (select one from dropdown list):
Many presenters choose hymns, either from our hymnal or their own sources. Please be ready to provide any original photocopy materials to Administrator well in advance.
UU Principle
Which UU Principle applies most directly to your topic?
Musician(s) [Optional] ?
Who will be playing, and on what instruments?
Prelude information: ?
The Prelude is a musical selection heard in silent contemplation.If you wish to use a specific piece of music, please provide details.
Welcome,Opening Words and Announcements by
First Hymn Number and Title [Optional]
Joys and Concerns
Members of the congregation share issues in their lives. A portable microphone is made available for all to hear, especially the hard-of-hearing.
Storyteller for Time for the Young ?
Generally the Religious Education department takes care of this, but you may have a special reading that's suitable for our children.
Time for the Young Title ?
You may tell a story of your own choosing or ask that a member of the Religious Education committee do so.
Singing our youth to class ?
This is sung as our young people leave the sanctuary for their classes upstairs.
Offertory music ?
Music heard during collection of offering. Indicate title, composer, and any other pertinent information available.
[Optional] Title of Reading
Reading Author and Presenter
Optional Hymn Number and Title
Words for Meditation (title) ?
Evocative words followed by a short silent meditation, then Music for the Morning (next)
Music for the Morning title ?
Suitable music generally begins quietly but may build as it continues.
Presentation Title ?
This is the centerpiece of the service, whether spoken word, music or other means.
Synopsis ?
A brief description of the presentation topic. Your description will appear in the printed Order of Service and on the Home page here on our website.
[Optional] Hymn Number and Title
Words for Parting ?
Title and author of parting words (or, benediction)
Postlude Title and Composer ?
Music heard at close of service. The congregation remains quietly seated until its conclusion.
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