Religious Ed. News

The following letter was recently sent to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee by the students in the RE program:


Dear UUSC,

Our Religious Education class did a project to raise money for Syrian families who were supposed to move to the area.


For our project, we sold homemade soup and donated bread.  We sold it during coffee hour.  Our project lasted for several months.  And we made posters to advertise.


In total, we raised $450.  Circumstances changed and the families were not re-located to western MA.


Please accept our donation for Syrian families and children.



Sincerely, Caelin and Brennan, Blake and Evan

Social Responsibility

Returning to Guaimaca I bought more paint and working with a smaller group from the neighborhood we continued to clean and paint. We are getting very close to having the building ready for July 1st. I provided the mayor s office with an outline of our agreement, and next week we will work on the formal agreement.


The city council had their second meeting for the month in the building and they all got a chance to really see the whole facility. Now our work has turned to a complete inventory.

Saturday morning I headed back out to Intibuca to see some of the equipment donated in this container and previous containers also.


My visit this week to schools, medical clinics and the hospital have been amazing. I have been able to see dental equipment in use with hand tools we sent. I got see students reading some of the English books we got from a grammar school in Pittsfield. That school also donated cases of new food trays close to five years ago. This most current container had school desks donated by St. Joe’s and therefore had plenty of small spaces for things like the books and trays. I even got to visit the local jail were one of the dental chairs and a lot of the supplies went to. They were especially happy about the syringes we sent.


The visit to the hospital was the most interesting. To be able to see our impact there was most rewarding; I wish others were able to see it. I took pictures and will put a presentation together to show when I get back. This hospital serves not only the people from this city but to all the surrounding towns and even other states. They have just completed a whole new building for mothers and children. It is truly a beautiful building but unfortunately they lack the equipment to actually use the building. First thing they need is 28 hospital beds; we have them ready to go! They also need cribs which BMC has already donated to us. The monitors we sent on in the last container were mostly for adults. One of the pieces of medical equipment for light therapy is working and the other I have to get a part when I return. I have already contacted BMC to let them know that equipment sent has already been put to use and that I will present a list of current needs that I am hoping they may have in North Adams. One of their biggest needs is 80 garbage cans!

I will head back to Guaimaca this weekend and put the final touches on our work there and then get ready to come home. Again thanks for everyone’s help.


President’s Letter

Another season of regular Sunday services is winding down, but we’re still going strong!  We are looking forward to our Tag Sale on June 9th – our first after taking a few years off.  So many people have told us that they missed it; we had to bring it back!

I want to thank everyone who is continuing on as a Board of Trustees member, and welcome back to those who are returning!  We’ve done some “shuffling around” of positions – it’s always a good thing to bring a fresh perspective to a job.  Myself, I’m still in the same place, but hopefully have learned a bit from the past year, and will continue to be inspired by the amazing efforts of everyone else on our team.  I am including below a list of our new Board of Trustees and their positions.

Speaking of inspiration, our Annual Meeting and a meeting with Karen Bellavance-Grace, who is a Small Congregations representative from the UUA, were both inspiring.  It was wonderful to have so many thoughtful, involved members at both meetings.  During the Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees was directed by the congregation as a whole to spend the summer examining our future viability, and to plan a special congregational meeting as soon as possible to discuss our findings.  During the meeting with Karen, many concerns, possible solutions, and new ideas were discussed.  It was a great way to begin thinking outside of the box to find answers to our worries about our small size and dwindling money.  It’s also reassuring, in a way, to know that many other UU congregations are in the same boat.  It’s not just us, and we can draw on the ideas and knowledge of others.

I continue to have faith that our belief in our Seven Principles is a source of strength that will hold us together and will enable us to continue to be a force for good in the wider world.

Together we can do anything!


Carol Moak, UUCP Board President

“Coffee hour central” by Seth Fisher.

UU World Summer 2018

“We started looking at our church as a place for transformation, and wanted to let people know about everything we had to offer without making them sit through a Sunday service, if that was going to be an obstacle for them.  We started inviting people directly to the coffee hour.

So I took a break from thinking about trying to be more inviting, and I started to think more about what we were inviting them to.

This meant thinking about what we were there to do in the first place. We needed to think about our mission, about what church was and what church was for. My working definition of church is a place where we can become better people and build a better world together.

We’re not in the business of getting people to sing hymns and listen to sermons. We’re in the business of transforming lives. And this is something that’s in demand. Many people want more meaning in their lives, want to make a difference in the world, and want to be part of a community that supports these endeavors. People genuinely desire this kind of community, but many don’t see any connection between this and a traditional Sunday morning church service. So why are we trying to squeeze everyone into that model?”

Read the complete article here: Let’s discuss these ideas as many of them are of great value to us as we recently talked about ways to grow our congregation.

Other Happenings at the 175 Wendell


 Rainbow Seniors Women’s Group

A group for LGBTQ senior women led by LGBTQ women!  2nd  Saturday of the month 2-4pm in the Garden Room off the Social Hall at the Church.  Free will offering. For more information call Cecilia 413-445-5003.


Fit To Go! Movement Class

This class will provide you with individual attention, expertise and enjoyment as you improve your health with strength training, balance, and flexibility workout.   Your first class is free! All levels of ability Welcome.  Class meets Wednesday from 9:30-10:30am in the Social Hall at the Church.                                                                                Call Kas Maroney 413-841-2579 for more information.


Yoga Classes  Feel more relaxed and limber. Vickie Bandoski, certified Kripalu instructor, is offering a Yoga 101 for Beginners Wednesday  5:30pm  Chair Yoga Class Thursdays at 11:30. Call 413-358-0199 or email for cost or more information.


Aikido: The Way Of Harmony                                                                            Start your new year in a dynamic way! Now more than ever we need to be centered, powerful, and calm in the face of such uncertain times. Eibara Aikido offers balanced and fun training for all ages and abilities. You’ll become stronger, flexible, and graceful in body and mind.  Friday 6:30pm


Librastar Wellness

Enjoy a 45 minute Slow Flow Yoga practice followed by creative visualization.  Relax into restorative poses appropriate for the season.  Optional Reiki from Jacqueline who is a Reiki Master Teacher and registered Yoga Alliance instructor.  Monday @ 6pm 

 Jacqueline Gero 413-258-1986 


UU Meditation Sangha

Meditation Sangha meets Thursdays at 6pm in the Sanctuary at the church. The sangha is free and open to all.

For more information please call  Bruce McCarter   413-717-5021 or email

Yoga Classes

Librastar Wellness Slow Flow Yoga 6:00 pm (last class of

the month in July and August are free!)

Librastar Wellness presents: Gypsy Heart Dance. Experience a movement class with an eclectic blend of music and dance styles designed to have some fun, use your creative muscles, and free your Gypsy Heart. Chandra Palano is a certified Let Your Yoga Dance teacher and Kripalu trained yoga teacher, who loves to honor the unique “mover” within everyone. Her class will be Wednesdays from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. She is offering a donation class for the first class which is Wednesday July 11th.


Feel more relaxed and limber. Vickie Bandoski, certified Kripalu instructor, is offering a Chair Yoga Class Thursdays at 11:30 and Friday   Yoga 101 for Beginners 9-10am.

Call her at 413-358-0199 or email

Pittsfield Coop is Looking for New Members

Pittsfield Coop is Looking for New Members
This is a great way to buy healthy food at affordable prices
through the United Natural Foods, Inc. Website
For more information call or email:
Ted Randolph 413-698-2944 or
Chrystal Shelley 413-448-6217

Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice

Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice

All BCP&J programs will be held at the Unitarian/Universalist Church,

175 Wendell Ave. in Pittsfield, MA.

These events on Thursday  begin at 7:30 p.m. and are free and open to the public.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kenya and South Africa-A Snapshot of Photographs and Impressions

Photojournalist, Mabel Leon will present her photographs, experiences, and impressions of a trip to Kenya and South Africa.

This inspirational trip, was sponsored by the Environmental Grantmakers Association.  It included meetings with environmental activists, civic leaders and diverse communities plus a visit to a wildlife and biodiversity game park.

Thursday, June 21, 2018  No program as it is Third Thursday celebrated in downtown Pittsfield.

Thursday, June 28, 2018    Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace follows a group of former enemy combatants – Israeli soldiers from the most elite units, and Palestinian fighters, many of whom served years in prison – who have come together to challenge the status quo and say “enough.” The film traces their transformational journeys from soldiers committed to armed battle to non-violent peace activists and their founding of Combatants for Peace (CfP). While the film is based in the Middle East, it creates an experience that addresses universal themes that are relevant to all of us – regardless of geography. It is a story of the human potential unleashed when we stop participating in a story that no longer serves us, and with the power of our convictions take action to create a new possibility.

NOTE:  Our regular 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. vigil will take place at Park Square as usual every Thursday.  It is now in its 16th year without a Thursday when there was no one present. Please join us if you can.  We have plenty of extra signs – or bring your own.