Bequests to the Church

In the late 1970s or the 1980s the Church received a surprise bequest from a benefactor, one Madeleine Frawley, which became known as the Frawley Endowment.  Its value increased because of inflation and then was used to remodel the Sanctuary and the Social Hall.

The balance of the endowment became what is now known simply as “The Escrow Account.”   A few years ago this account was used to replace the oil-burning furnace with a gas unit. This was approved by the Congregation, but there was an understanding that the Endowment would be built up again over time, which so far has not happened.  The Fund could  be built back by means of Bequests from members, on the order of amounts which would make no or little difference to one’s heirs but would greatly bolster the escrow account.  For example, an estate of $300 K might   be skimmed by $10 or $20 K without meaningful loss to heirs, but with large benefit to the Church. Please consider making a bequest to the Church; it would really help the Church.  And please don’t wait till it’s too late!

Bruce Henry