Religious Education

Religious Education Poised for the New Year

 The Religious Education program looks forward to the coming church year.  We have plans for social justice activities, studies of the seven principles and their relevance to current events, holiday specific rituals, and group bonding exercises. This past May, we ended the RE program with a children’s service, to which parents were invited.  The service was deeply moving and beautifully crafted by the children.  We have definitive plans for this to continue.

As an addition to our curriculum, this year we will invite long time UU members to the classroom to spark conversation with the children about our faith.  This is in the planning stage and will evolve as we move into the curriculum. Working with me in the classroom are Francine Germaine and Terrill Ploss.  Natalie Celebi is back to work in the nursery.  All in all, we are excited and ready for the new year and look forward to bearing witness to the religious/spiritual journey of our young members.


Sue Langman

Religious Education Director