Poem from a Member


Mehernosh Khan

In this room you call your life,

The door of your birth has already slammed shut.

And over an undetermined passage of time,

Another door will also slam shut behind you

So from door to door,

How will you furnish your room?


Will it be filled with the fragrances of fresh cut summer flowers,

And welcoming sofas covered with plush fabrics

On which the weary traveler can pause for a while?

Will your room have walls painted with the warm colors of the earth

On which you can hang large paintings of happy times?

And windows that waft in a fresh breeze and frame glorious sunsets?

And maybe a balcony to while away the hours with good friends

And also a kitchen filled with wine and bread, hot from the oven to share!


From door to door,

How will you fill your life?

How will you bless this room?